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Canyon is characterized by an elegant seat-scoop profile which is designed to hold its down back cushions and bolsters from sliding out. Various sizes of single-arm and armless pieces can be combined to make an almost infinite number of configurations. Steel under-frames are made with novel construction techniques, and allow one piece to be suspended off the other for a cleaner appearance. Covers are removable for easy cleaning or replacement.

Canyon incorporates new construction processes and manufacturing procedures. Conventional sofas are assembled using wood frames onto which springs can be mounted and fabric stapled. In contrast, Canyon combines a welded steel frame with contoured foam, woven synthetic strapping and removable or replaceable covers.

Canyon's welded steel frame allows it to endure longer than conventional wood framed seating. The steel frame is designed to have the same structural integrity when combined with multiple pieces. A woven suspension system used in the automotive industry is uniquely attached to the steel frame, adding superior support while creating a lighter appearance.

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