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The Morgan sofa was designed with a single purpose in mind: uncompromised comfort.

The design subtly combines elements of formal high back sofas with a casual modern attitude to create a sofa that is superbly comfortable and suitable for a broad range of interiors.

Morgan is characterized by its distinct high back, cut-away arm profile, and sumptuous down cushions. The high back profile provides full head and shoulder support, and extends part way around the sides to form comfortable corner nooks. Chunky wood legs raise the sofa to a more comfortable seat height and balance the proportions.
Morgan is built on a durable steel under-frame with bi-directionalelastic webbing suspension for superior strength and lightness.To this, a precision made wood top-frame and CNC precision cutfoam is used for the arms and back to give superior comfort and atailored appearance.

The luxurious seat cushions are cleverly engineered witha memory-foam core and wrapped in a generous amount offeather and down to provide the perfect amount of support,allowing the sitter to “sink” into its softness. The cushion coversare precisely sized to give a soft casual appearance without looking sloppy or loose. Down back cushions complement the softnessand appearance of the seat, while the frame retains a crisptailored form. Morgan is available in three sizes in all BENSEN fabrics and leathers. All fabric covers are attached by Velcroand removable for easy cleaning or replacement.

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